Wisdom Agriculture Traceability Monitoring and Control Management System Construction


According to the smart agriculture planning and design plan, the traceability management system was put into use, the smart monitoring base station was built, the agricultural operation system, the visual traceability system of agricultural products were loaded, the big data monitoring platform was developed and constructed, and 79 related devices and facilities have been put into use. Providing agricultural production management services such as remote monitoring, farm management, and precision planting and breeding for the agricultural base to grow rice and crayfish. The company cooperates with a third-party agricultural technology company to customize related traceability system devices and application software. The company forms a technical team responsible for daily operation and maintenance management. The agricultural product traceability system of "one platform, multiple systems" has been built, one platform is the "agricultural product quality and safety traceability and monitoring management platform"; multiple systems are agricultural product quality and safety traceability systems and agricultural visualization that integrate "from the source to the table" Traceability management system and agricultural product standard data library system in one management service system. In addition, a public service platform for rice and shrimp has been built, through the Internet platform + handheld wireless terminal platform, to realize the quality supervision, purchase and sale, and safety of agricultural products for users. The system construction content mainly includes the following parts:



1. A visualized safety and quality traceability system for agricultural products. The rice and shrimp base implements management from production, planting and breeding to agricultural operations, and builds a traceability system for the entire process of rice and shrimp. At the same time, it adopts the application of IoT sensor devices and video devices to implement data, pictures and video in the entire production service process. The key links of all data collection include meteorological temperature and humidity, light, wind direction, rainfall, water quality, soil, etc., which can drive preset work according to time or site conditions, so that staff can instantly understand the current production situation of the product through mobile phones and what should be done that day, so as to realize the integrated operation of modern agricultural production management, intelligent early warning, and remote control.


2. Construction of a large data platform for agricultural product quality through the integration of quality resource data through the Agricultural Big Data Platform, the geographic information, corporate information, environmental change information, production management information, and agricultural material circulation information of all agricultural IoT construction points in the region are remotely managed. Realize regional agriculture, food safety supervision traceability, standardized planting technology promotion, planting structure adjustment, unified supervision of agricultural data, etc. It can realize the comprehensive monitoring of comprehensive data such as the air image, soil, and water quality of the standardized rice and shrimp cultivation base in the whole region, improve the technical application of rice and shrimp cultivation, and achieve scientific rice and shrimp cultivation. The large data platform can also implement standardized rice and shrimp cultivation The promotion of farming technology and the safety traceability supervision of the rice and shrimp industry are conducive to the optimization and adjustment of the rice and shrimp farming structure by the public sector, controlling the quality from the source, and protecting and promoting the rice and shrimp brand. Through computer big data technology and cloud storage technology, accurately collect real-time monitoring data of rice field disasters, seedling conditions, and water quality, and make the final check for scientific and accurate planting and breeding.


3. Establish a standardized quality management system. In order to strengthen quality management and improve corporate efficiency, through the improvement and optimization of system preparation, personnel management, work flow and process control, etc., the quality management standardization program has been improved, and the quality of farming or livestock breeds has been established. The safety system starts from the consumer side of the supply chain, builds a reliable and feasible multi-party reverse quality management traceability system based on specific products, collects various production-side data from the source, including water quality, temperature, feed delivery and other information, and updates them in real time. Dynamic Monitoring. During the development of agricultural aquaculture work, the entire quality and safety traceability management is carried out based on the information platform, and the entire quality control from "field farming to before entering the market" is established to ensure the quality and safety of products.



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