Linkage type intelligent irrigation control method

The linkage intelligent irrigation control system is a new type of field irrigation control method. Its main feature is the integration of mobile public network, LPWAN and solar Ethernet technologies . On the basis of meeting the real-time data transmission requirements, the algorith and data models have been embedded maximized to the field devices. Field devices are grouped according to their locations or functional categories, and the devices are connected wirelessly or wiredly. The main control equipment includes: motorized well controller, gate controller, filter, fertilizer applicator, valve controller, integrated electric ball valve, soil moisture sensor, small weather station, and related sensors and solar switche system.


The linkage intelligent irrigation control system takes the water source point as the starting point and adopts a tree-like pipe structure. The water source point irrigation area is the largest control unit, and a valve outlet is the smallest control unit. The optimal area is divided according to the water supply capacity of the water source point and a rotation irrigation plan is scheduled accordingly. In the manual operation mode, the user starts, stops or pauses according to the rotation irrigation plan in the water source control area. In the automatic operation mode, the system performs automatic control based on information such as soil moisture data, weather conditions, and crop models. Automatic alarm in case of abnormal situation.


The irrigation system consists of five subsystems: the first linkage gateway control subsystem, the field intelligent valve control subsystem, the soil environment detection subsystem, the meteorological information subsystem and the solar ethernet switch system. In addition, the crop growth model serves as an independent external subsystem for information exchange.

   (1) The equipment used in the intelligent first linkage gateway control subsystem is mainly composed of linkage control gateway, water pump, integrated gate, valve, filter, fertilizer applicator, flow meter, related sensors and solar switch system. Mainly realize the functions of water intake, filtration, pressurization, fertilizer injection, real-time image monitoring of measurement and so on.

   (2) The equipment used in the field intelligent valve control subsystem mainly includes intelligent valve controllers, solenoid valves, integrated electric ball valves, handheld control terminals, and related sensors and solar switch system.

(3) The equipment used in the soil environment inspection subsystem mainly consists of soil moisture sensors, soil content detection sensors, solar switch system, etc., which regularly or irregularly test the moisture and nutrient content in the crop growth environment and real-time image monitoring , As an important input for irrigation and fertilization decisions.

   (4) The main hardware equipment of the weather information subsystem is a small farmland weather station, in addition to sensors related to illuminance and evaporation, as well as related historical weather data and solar switch system. This type of information is processed and real-time image monitoring is used as auxiliary input information for irrigation decision-making.

   The irrigation system uses the first linkage gateway control device as the center to communicate with the public network. The collection, control, equipment working status and alarm information are filtered by the gateway, and only useful information is reported.





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