Digital Livestock and Poultry breeding Agricultural System Construction 


This project combines big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile internet, remote sensing and other modern information technologies to carry out precise operations and precise control construction in the fields of livestock and poultry breeding, facility gardening, and establish digital agricultural technology integration application solutions and industries We will accelerate the advancement of intelligent agricultural production, management informationization, management informationization, and online services, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural modernization. The main roles of our team in this project are mainly responsible for the construction of the project management and control center and the automated and precise environmental control system.


Main content: automated precision environmental control system, digital precision feeding system, digital removal automatic manure system, intelligent milking system transformation and upgrade, project control center.

The automated and accurate environmental control system obtains the external environment (that is, the atmospheric environment, including air temperature, air humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, atmospheric pressure, light radiation, etc.) and the thermal and humid environment and air quality environment in the cowshed (air temperature in the cowshed) , air humidity, indoor wind speed, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration and dust concentration, etc.) to provide data reference for precise control. The facility environmental control part makes decisions based on the obtained environment and environmental quality, and effectively controls the on-site environmental control device to achieve Intelligent control of the cowshed environment coupled with multi-parameter information.

   The project of ranch production management system is based on the B/S architecture, and remotely log in and access through a web browser and social communication software. It is a comprehensive platform suitable for modern animal husbandry production management systems. The system mainly includes production management system, dairy cow house environmental information and precise control system, digital feed temporary storage and data collection system, mobile phone enhanced dairy farm intelligent production management reality interactive system, dairy cow production big data and decision-making analysis system, and pasture day Implementation index management, digital agricultural visualization platform.



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