Intelligent meat duck three-dimensional breeding Internet of things and artificial intelligence environmental control system

At present, the mainstream meat duck breeding environmental control algorithm has been using the broiler breeding environmental control algorithm, and the environmental control effect is poor. This intelligent meat duck three-dimensional breeding Internet of Things and artificial intelligence environmental control system solution is an integrated solution based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, which integrates the body temperature, enthalpy principle and shed CFD simulation of meat ducks. Intelligent unmanned control of breeding environment control.

1. The establishment of a new environmental control model based on "Enthalpy and Humidity principle" and meat duck body temperature.

The environmental control of meat duck breeding should establish a control model based on the body temperature of the meat duck. However, no one has established a model for the body temperature of meat ducks in the world, and literature search has not found that previous people have studied the air cooling factor (somatosensory coefficient) of meat ducks.

In addition to taking into account the factors contained in the traditional environmental control model (such as age, temperature, humidity, light, ventilation negative pressure, carbon dioxide, ammonia concentration, feed consumption, drinking water, etc.), this plan also introduces a duck based on meat Body factors such as body temperature and other animal body factors are automatically adjusted according to the changing needs throughout the breeding cycle.

   This plan will also be optimized according to the climate characteristics of different regions, and the data collected by the Internet of Things devices will be analyzed and machine learning to obtain environmental control solutions suitable for different regions. Finally, various factors that affect meat duck breeding are combined and optimized to become the world's first environmental control model, which will ultimately improve meat duck breeding and animal health and welfare.


2. Based on thermodynamics and aerodynamicsCFD precision shed ventilation simulation and verification

   Shed ventilation is a key part of three-dimensional cages for meat ducks. The program uses advanced mechanics and aero-fluid dynamics CFD computer simulation technology to accurately simulate the temperature field, humidity field, wind speed field, carbon dioxide concentration field, and ammonia concentration field in each cubic centimeter of the tiny space inside the shed. Supplemented by the environmental sensing data of various IoT sensors in the shed, the process control data of the IoT environment control device, optimize and improve the ventilation quality and effect of the shed, thereby improving the overall structure design, heating and cooling design of the breeding shed, The air flow design ensures that the meat duck breeding process is always in the best ventilation state.

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