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The equipment product division of iLu is now able to provide Ethernet Packet Generator/Tester, currently is the only one who supports 10G/5G/2.5G Base-T simultaneously. SFP/SFP+ loopback kit is also available.


LevelOne Product



Software Defined Distribution Storage is another most innovative product offered by iLu.



ARM CPU based equipment with various platforms is the second product, in addition refurbished computers and IT scrap are hot selling.


Green Technology is one of Lu's insistence, currently iLu provides with Eddy Current sorting system, which can help partners to reduce waste production and increase in non-ferrous metal sales.




The iLu Equipment and Machinery division is pleased to announce the launch of Spring/Ring manufacturing machines. Besides, standard models, the iLu Spring/Ring manufacturing machine team is able to build Spring/Ring production machine according to various specifications from customer.



Panel LED Lighting is widely used various applications, UPS is also available in order to adopt erratic electric power conditions.


IRIS partial discharge technology is widely applied in worlds utilities.


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