Protection and Healthy Product

Owing to personal health and maintaining a safe living environment for everyone, everyone should do their utmost to develop good personal hygiene habits, not only to protect themselves and others, but also to prevent viruses and flu! And remember that prevention is better than cure!


In order to help everyone safely carry out their work in all working circumstances, the company, iLu CO., LTD. is officially registered as a medical equipment sales company, first of all to promote all kinds of gloves, because gloves could be widely used in various occasions to isolate infections. The following is the registered license,

Currently we are offering various gloves below,


Latex Glove


Nitrile Glove


Vinyl Glove


CPE Glove


Household, Industrial and Resistant Gloves

Remote Controlable Lumbar traction equipment


How to Use

When used and removed properly, disposable gloves offer excellent protection against contamination. Follow the instructions below to get the most out of glove-wearing.



Step 1: Choose

Choose a glove that fits well and is designed for the intended use.


Step 2: Check

Check each glove for rips and punctures.


Step 3: Wash

Gloves should never replace proper hand-washing. Always wash and dry hands before putting on a pair of gloves.


Step 4: Wear

Put gloves on. While wearing disposable gloves, do not touch phones, doorknobs or the like.


Step 5: Remove

Never wash or reuse disposable gloves. In any of the following situations, be sure to remove gloves, wash and dry hands and don a fresh pair of gloves:


  • Between patients or tasks

  • When gloves become contaminated

  • When gloves become dirty

  • When gloves get torn

  • When gloves have been used for four consecutive hours

  • After sneezing, coughing, or touching one’s hair or face




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