Industrial Oil and Lubricants Introduction


Since the establishment of the company, we have always been striving for perfection, striving for perfection, and developing various products. In the oil product market, we can also bring strong affinity, high stability, high quality and durable oil to our customers. The company’s oil business unit is mainly engaged in the sales of industrial oil products and vehicle oil products. It is hoped that a fair, reasonable and systematic trading system will be established in the hearts of users. High quality, good image of honesty trading at medium and low prices, and establishing a consumer concept of sustainable purchase, the following is a list of some of the more common projects and types of industrial oil and vehicle oil products, if there is any demand, Welcome letter or call the company, dedicated personnel will be cordially providing services and consulting,


Industrial oil products



Hydraulic oil

Gear Oil

Cutting oil

Anti-rust oil

Hot kerosene

Quenching oil

Chute oil

Copper extension oil

Aluminum extension oil

Synthetic carbon-free chain oil

Textile oil

Air compressor oil

Four-in-one agricultural machinery transmission oil

Vacuum help oil

Bowling alley oil

Grinding oil

High clean hydraulic oil

Stamping processing oil

Electric discharge machining oil

Insulation oil

Tapping oil

Refrigerator oil

Stamping oil

Pipeline cleaning agent

Water-based heat treatment oil

Cement release agent

Drainage oil

Air filter oil

Combustion aid

Waterproof anti-leakage agent

Dual-use water-based foam remover


Vehicle oil


Synthetic lanthanum element energy-saving line oil

Synthetic universal automatic transmission oil

Multi-performance grease

Spray glass oil scavengers

Synthetic and biochemical long-term oil series oil

Semi, Synthetic Engine Oil Series

Full synthetic diesel direct injection engine oil

Fully synthetic four-stroke oil

Long-term automatic transmission series oil

Fully synthetic diesel engine oil

Semi-synthetic power steering wheel oil

Competitive oil

Multi-function valve additives

Brake oil

Water tank

Biofilm engine additives

Rhinestone universal spray

Carburetor cleaning agent

Car trays and parts cleaners

Full-effect motorcycle gasoline additive

All-effective fuel additives

Polymer Magnetized Oil

Automatic transmission additive


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