LevelOne products are rich and diverse.iLu mainly operates LevelOne PoE products, routing switch products, SDN network switch products and SDN network controller software.

The PoE products are mainly Layer 2, network management, PoE switches with 5, 8, 16, 24, and 48 port.


As well as PoE power supplies and PoE power splitter,



The routing switches are mainly for models with large port numbers and high bandwidth. There are 24 * 10G + 2 * 100G, 24 * 10G + 2 * 40G, 48 * 10/100/1000 RJ-45 + 4 * 10G and 48 * 100BX / 1000FX + 4 * 10G, etc.


Software-defined network switch and controller software

The LevelOne Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution is Ethernet-based with better security, control, and performance than traditional networking.



Traditional networks use features like MAC tables, RSTP protocols, and cast types for many management conveniences, including plug-and-play functionality. However, these features also make traditional networking vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, such like MAC flooding and table poisoning, ARP spoofing, BDPU attacks, and more.


With SDN Technology, all network flows and backup paths are specifically defined in the controller, so there is no need for MAC tables or RSTP protocols. In addition, SDN uses traffic engineering to process forwarding behavior, rather than relying on “cast types,” which pose security risks. In addition,it is easier to manage large amounts of network traffic than it is with traditional networking. The difference is that SDN eliminates unnecessary traffic on user network. Instead of having a node broadcast to all other nodes on the LAN, specific paths could be defined and remove the extraneous ones. This capability ensures bandwidth availability and high performance in critical applications.



LevelOne products from iLu including SDN switch and SDN controller software, moreover, a complete smart lighting system formed by these products is available,

All LevelOne product from iLu is project based, welcome to contact iLu and thank you!






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