Ethernet Test Equipment/Ethernet Tester



The dimension of Ethernet test equipment/Ethernet Tester is: 290 (D) × 220 (W) * 43 (H) mm. Without test module, the chassis is around 2.4 kg, the weight of each test module is about 0.25 kg.

The combinations of different modules could achieve various testing environment, currently 10G / 5G / 2.5G / 1G / 100 / 10Base-T and 10G / 1G / 100 Optical are supported !!!



Mention about system configuration, if 12 *1G SFP test ports are needed, one ETX3208-CHS chassis is needed, as well as three ETX3208-4GEF test modules. On the other hand, if 24-port SFP1G are needed, then two chassises are needed, four test modules can support a total of 16 test ports, simply install 2 test modes in the second chassis to have total eight test ports. Both chassises could be stack with a general Ethernet switches and the host Windows computer can control these two chassises through such Ethenet switch. All of the software is bundled with hardware, free of charge. Intellisty system provides ETX-Expolorer, ETX- RFC2544, and ETX-RFC2889 to adopt demands from different test applications.



The Ethernet Tester does not only offer Ethernet Packet Generator function but also support BERT test which could easily verify Ethernet Switch packet buffer. In addition, software protocol verification function such like PING, Pause Frame Injection, ARP, DHCP, IGMP V1, IGMP V2, IGMP V3 are all supported



Below is an Ethernet Tester picture of single chassis with two 2*2.5/5/10G Base-T modules.






Below is an Ethernet Tester picture with three 4*1G/100/10 Mbps Base-T modules and one 4*1G/100 Mbps Optical module.



Below is a picture of Ethernet Tester management port.



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