Customized Cable


High Flexible Flat cable : Flexible Flat Cable

The high flat cables excel in repetitive motion equipment, are immune to shock and vibration, harsh environments, and temperature extremes. Their thin profile and high flexibility provide excellent solutions for compact devices and confined spaces.

High Flexibility & Quality
●Excellent flexible performance.
●Compact wiring without bearing caterpillar.
●Heat bonding with no surface adhesion.
●Flat cable with bonded air tubes are available.
●UL approved types are available.
●ISO 9001 certified.
●AS 9100 aerospace standard certified.
●The high flat cables are 100% tested to ensure optimum performance.

Extreme Environments
●Perform in temperatures from -65° C to +260° C
●Clean rooms – no particulates
●Under vacuum – NASA Outgassing Specification 1124
●Exposure to water, oil, and chemicals.

Broad Application
●Aerospace and Military Flat Cable.
●Motion Control and Automation Flat Cable.
●Medical Flat Cable and Cable Assemblies.
●Semiconductor Manufacturing Flat Cable and Assemblies.


Server Motor Encoder Cable : Encoder Cable

A wide range of motor, encoder and feedback cables suitable for fixed and constant flexing applications. Their main application is in the transmission of control signals for servomotors. They have a low weight and space requirement while remaining suitable for continuously moving operations.

Key Specification
1. Length: Will according your request.
2. Japan Technical.
3. High quality.
4. Sample offer 
5. Ex-stock fast delivery.
6. Excellent strength.
7. Strong construction.
8. Corrosion resistance.

We are one of the suppliers for HiTACHI, SONY, OMRON, Delta, automation products. We have advantage price in these products, more than 60% of our products are exported to the Japan, Europe. For meeting the diverse needs of clients, we offer our products in different sizes and specifications.

Robot Control Cable Assemblies : Custom Cable Assembly

The robot cables of ChineseHonest were especially developed for the high mechanical stress in robot industry. The robot cables have to withstand millions of alternating bending cycles as well as tensile and torsional stress. In addition to that there exist the most different requirements according to temperature, oil and chemical resistance Key 
In order to be able to fulfil these high requirements, our robot cables are tested in our own testing systems with regard to performance and resistances.
We develop robot cables for your special application

1. Length: Will according your request.
2. High quality.
3. Sample offer.
4. Ex-stock Fast Delivery.
5. Excellent strength.
6. Strong construction.
7. Corrosion resistance.


Vacuum Cable Assemblies : Custom Cables

These cables are designed for a range of Vacuum cable feed through systems and chamber cables and related applications. Pure nickel conductors are often employed and go through a rigorous cleaning process that removes drawing fluids, oils, and other contaminants that are common to stranded conductor metals. This proprietary process greatly reduces the potential off-gassing of processing materials employed as manufacturing aids in its production.
This cable has to be brought to operating temperature prior to service voltage and electrification to flash off manufacturing aids in the processing of Nextel® fibers and this greatly increases dielectric strength.

1. Length: Will according your request.
2. High quality.
3. Sample offer.
4. Ex-stock fast delivery.
5. Excellent strength.
6. Strong construction.
7. Corrosion resistance.



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